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Looks natural, feels natural, is natural: Amate paper is "bark paper" and is made from the bark of ficus trees.
You can see it well here on the photos: The papers have structures that come from the plant fibers.
This natural character is optically supported by the woven form of the paper.

By the way, Amate papers have a special story:
They have been around for many centuries.
Amate papers had their heyday during the rule of the Aztecs from the 14th to the 16th century.
They were so exclusive that they were given as gifts to kings on special occasions.
Even today, Amate papers are still very special in Mexico.
Of course, the name Amate also has a meaning:
The Spanish word "amar" means "to love", the word "te" means "you".

For us, the name Amate is not just a name, but a declaration of love for our paper. For you too?